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      What does it take to capture the essence of a person?  How does one grasp in a single moment in time the qualities that make a person unique?  It has been said that beauty is found in perfect symmetry, but is it not the slight imperfections, our subtle differences that truly exemplify character and beauty? 

    At Ocean Photography portraiture is one of our specialties.  Be it your wedding, a feature for a corporate publication, or an unforgettable photo at your family gathering, we at Ocean Photography are your experts in this art form.  The art of seizing a single moment in time and preserving forever the exclusive likeness of your subject.

     Capturing that special gleam in the eye, the joy of a rare smile, or simply that certain turn of the head can preserve a unique moment, a once in a lifetime moment never to be seen again.  Your beautifully skilled portrait will be treasured for many years and passed down for future generations to enjoy.

     The photographs above are just a small example of our work.  To see additional portraits or to schedule a sitting for yourself or a loved one, please call or write today.






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