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Jim Glovier, B.F.A.

I was born surrounded by the oceanís beauty on the eastern shore of Maryland.    While being immersed in its unique nature my entire life, my official foray  into photography began with my attendance at the Maryland Institute of Art. There, while acquiring a deepening appreciation of  my surroundings, I earned a Bachelorís Degree in Fine Arts. 

     Wanting to share my new-found passion with others, I began teaching high school art and industrial art in Montgomery Co. Maryland.  As time went on I found myself working on fishing boats.  Not being able to resist the beauty and wilderness of our ocean, its boats, its people, its life, I found that I was never without a camera while on the ocean.  The next twelve years on the water took me from Mississippi to Nova Scotia, where my love of and talent in my craft both flourished.

     My many professional experiences include photographing corporate presidents, CEOís, educational leaders and more.  My largest group photograph was that of 400 people for a national magazine.  My work has been featured numerous times in annual reports and corporate publications.

     Such work, while challenging, fulfilling, and great learning experiences, just didnít feel the same as what has become my chosen specialty of weddings. I  photographed my first wedding in 1979 at no charge for a friend just for the love of the art.  For the honor of this experience and the love of  my life on the water, I began Ocean Photography in 1984.

Of the hundreds of weddings Iíve photographed, they remain my favorite medium.  Each always presents an exciting challenge, but even more, each one another chance at achieving a once in a lifetime work of art. 

     Ocean Photography is waiting to turn your once in a lifetime into an artful masterpiece to be treasured for generations to come.  Please let us know how and when we can make your wishes come true for your special event.


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